who are you

No matter who you are, we at Boucheries Nivernaises we prioritize your needs.
If you’re a breeder, producer or supplier, your commitment and high-quality products enable us to do our best work daily.
For chefs, restaurateurs or caterers or ship/plane chandlers seeking quality products, we’re fully available to you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to serve you, meet your unique requests, and help your culinary business succeed.

where we ship


Our delivery service covers the entire France. Here are the details of our delivery times:

Paris and the Ile de France:

A to B: If you place your order before midnight, you will receive your delivery the next day.

The Province:

A to C: For our customers in the provinces, we also offer a fast delivery service. Order before midnight, and your package will arrive the day after tomorrow.

Saturday & Sunday:

We want to inform you that even on the weekend, we are happy to take your orders. However, please note that deliveries on Saturday and Sunday will be made on the following Monday.

Free Shipping:

If you wish to take advantage of free shipping, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to provide you with information on the conditions and assist you in benefiting from this advantageous option. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests regarding your deliveries.

The World

Consumers worldwide are increasingly seeking products that represent quality, animal welfare, and environmental responsibility. Recognizing this trend, the Les Boucheries Nivernaises group, with its deep understanding of the French market, has expanded into the global market.
We now supply meat products to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Our company plays a significant role in promoting French culinary heritage globally through one of its finest offerings: meat.

Export Process

With the assistance of our dedicated team and in-house veterinarian, we will prepare all necessary documents, including health certificates, approvals, and import permits, to ensure the proper receipt of your goods.

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