Terms of Use

Please read these General Terms of Use carefully. The company Boucheries Nivernaises, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 30,000 euros, registered with the RCS of PARIS under the number 389 626 938, whose head office is located at 99, rue du faubourg saint honoré – 75008 Paris, edits and administers the website www.lescoffretsdesnivernaises.fr. The use of the site requires the pure and simple acceptance of the General Terms of Use of said site as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy. Indeed, by using the site, the user acknowledges having read, understood, and unreservedly accepted these General Terms of Use as well as the Personal Data Protection Policy. It is reminded that these General Terms of Use and the Personal Data Protection Policy can be updated at any time by Boucheries Nivernaises company. The General Terms of Use and the Personal Data Protection Policy in effect at the time of using the site are those applicable to the user.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the applicable conditions at the time of using the site by clicking on the “General Conditions of Use” link, and to familiarize yourself with the current Personal Data Protection Policy of the site by clicking on the “Personal Data Protection Policy” link.

1 - Purpose of the Site

The purpose of the site is online sales of food products (butchery, delicatessen, dairy, grocery).

2 - Site Access

Access to the site is free and requires neither an access code nor an identifier, but a computer terminal that allows connection to the internet. The costs of hardware, software, or internet access are solely the responsibility of the user, who is also responsible for the proper functioning of their computer equipment and internet access.

3 - The Purchase Process

To make a purchase within the e-store, it is not necessary to create an account. From the homepage or product display page, the user can click on any product of interest to view its details. They can then add options and select the desired quantity. The user can then either add their choice to the cart or proceed directly to purchase.

If the user has chosen to click on “buy now”, the page for entering personal information to place the order appears and must be completed (with some fields being optional). They are then directed to a secure page for entering bank details where they can also specify if they wish to enter a different billing address. Following their order, the user receives a confirmation email and/or SMS.

If they have chosen to add to the cart, a button appears allowing them to view the contents of the cart and place an order; they will land on the same page as if they had clicked on “buy now”.

During the purchasing process, the user has the option to fill in additional fields such as “address supplement”.

The user therefore commits not to publish comments that glorify crimes against humanity, incite acts of terrorism or their glorification, provoke racial hatred, hatred towards people based on their sex, sexual orientation or identity, or disability, incite violence especially against women, infringe upon human dignity, as well as child pornography or any other reprehensible content.

In the same way, the user agrees not to post comments that would violate any intellectual property rights of a third party, or that have promotional and/or commercial purposes.

The company Boucheries Nivernaises reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who does not respect these terms of use.

4 - Intellectual Property

The elements (drawings, designs, illustrations, images, soundtracks, texts, logos, brands…), whether registered or not, displayed on the website as well as the domain name are and will remain the exclusive property of Boucheries Nivernaises company.

It is prohibited to reproduce in whole or in part, by any means whatsoever, distribute, publish, transmit, modify or sell any part of the content of the site, or create derivative works from it. It is also prohibited to remove any copyright notice, trademark, or other exclusive rights from the website or any content therein. It is permissible to make a single copy of the web pages published on the site for private, personal, and non-commercial use, provided that all original copyright and exclusive rights notices are retained on these copies.

5 - Links

The website contains links to social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest). When you click on one of these buttons, you are redirected to the page created by Boucheries Nivernaises company on the social network. No link to a third-party site can be established without the express written consent of Boucheries Nivernaises company.

6 - Limitation of Liability

Boucheries Nivernaises company cannot be held liable to the site user or any third party for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profit or other indirect losses resulting from the use of the site or inability to use it. This limitation of liability applies to the fullest extent permitted by law.

7 - No Warranty

The Boucheries Nivernaises company’s website and its content are provided “as is”, subject to availability. However, Boucheries Nivernaises Company cannot guarantee that:

– the site is free from all viruses and other malicious programs such as Trojans or any other destructive material,

– the information contained on the site is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

The site may contain technical inaccuracies or other defects; in this regard, Boucheries Nivernaises Company does not guarantee the correction of these defects. Finally, Boucheries Nivernaises Company expressly excludes any form of warranty, particularly any warranty related to the usual conditions of the site’s use or the site’s suitability for normal or specific use, its quality, or compliance with all legal provisions. This limitation of liability applies to the fullest extent permitted by law.

8 - Applicable Law - Disputes

These General Terms of Use are governed and interpreted in accordance with French law and Regulation EC 593/2008 of June 17, 2008. These General Terms of Use are written in French. In case of dispute related to the use of the site, it is possible to resort to conventional mediation or any other alternative dispute resolution procedure. Failing that, the judicial court has jurisdiction.