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Bissonnet une Dynastie

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Boucheries Nivernaises' Cooler

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Premium-Class Products

At Boucheries Nivernaises, our meat selection reflects our dedication to quality and taste, satisfying even the most discerning palates. Our commitment to excellence is the result of decades of passion for the art of meat, deeply rooted values, and craftsmanship. Since our establishment in 1954, we’ve built a reputation with top dining establishments and chefs. Each piece of our meat narrates a story of our passion for French gastronomy.

Premium-Class Beef

Beef meat is more than just food. It symbolizes the harmony of nature and human intelligence. It represents the dignity of the animal, the commitment of the farmer, and the expertise of the butcher. The journey from pasture to kitchen reflects our natural, agricultural, cultural, and culinary legacy.

Fine veal

Veal is a noble meat: our selection criteria extend beyond the texture, color, and fine fibers that characterize quality meat. We also make our choices based on farming practices and the attention given to each animal. By considering all these factors, we are able to offer you a product of exceptional finesse, synonymous with excellence.

Premium-Quality Lamb

The lamb, once our company's emblem, has given way to the beef rib, highlighting its significance. We select our products meticulously and work on each piece with extreme precision. This method showcases our dedication to uphold top quality standards and fully meet our customer's expectations.

Finest Pork

Our farmers are the true source of our passion for our profession. For us, it's natural to choose to work with quality pork, raised in healthy conditions, outdoors, and with respect for animal welfare. We know that the excellence of a pig begins with attentive and respectful farming of its health and well-being.

First-Rate Poultry

For us the selection of poultry is much more than just a product choice. This selection reflects our commitment to quality and tradition. Each type of poultry we provide is the outcome of traditional expertise and a strong dedication to maintaining flavor and quality. By choosing our poultry products, you're opting for excellence, tradition, and a love for French cuisine.

Premium Selection of Cold Cuts

Our Cold Cuts selection is based on a fundamental principle: the use of the highest quality pork meats. Charcuterie is an art, a science, and a tradition. Our charcuterie is the result of a harmonious blend of the finest pork meat and artisanal know-how passed down from generation to generation. Each bite of our charcuterie tells a story of quality and tradition.

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